About Refined

Refined is the creation of Anna Applegate and Kathryn Ivey, who combine years of design training with a love for finding classic furnishings and accessories and updating them to fit today's chic interiors. 

Seeking an alternative to mass-produced home decor, Anna and Kathryn feel that one's home should be personal and distinctive, so each piece they sell is one of a kind. And by reviving vintage items with their creative eyes, the girls strive to encourage responsible, "green" design. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We are excited to announce refined's second launch!

We have spent the past several months traveling abroad, traveling the
USA, moving to new homes and....taking a step back to plan, strategize
and produce refined's new online boutique of unique vintage
furnishings and accessories. After wonderful success with our blog, we
decided it was time to take refined to the next level and create our online
Please feel free to contact us with feedback on the site or questions about our pieces
(info@refinedstyle.net). We are always adding new items, so be sure to
check back regularly.


All the best,
Anna and Kathryn

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